Meeting Needs

Homelessness Can Happen to Anyone

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People find themselves homeless for many reasons. The death of a loved one, a job loss, domestic violence, and divorce, or something as simple as family disputes, can tip the balance between living in a home and living on the streets. Other factors can also come into play – depression, untreated mental illness, post-traumatic stress disorder, addiction, and/or physical disabilities. And for those who are close to the poverty line, something as simple as a broken-down vehicle, or unpaid traffic fines, can put them over the edge.

There are many organizations that provide homeless services. These shelters are designed to address the specific needs of each gender and people group.

  • There are homeless shelters for men only, and there are also women shelters.People become homeless for various reasons and need our help
  • A homeless shelter for women and children can help these individuals needing a place to stay due to some crisis in their lives.
  • Youth homelessness is on the rise and these homeless children can get the help they need at local homeless shelters, though sadly, those that choose to stay on the streets are often exploited.


  • Entire families at times have nowhere to turn and end up on the streets. Family shelters provide a place for them to lay their heads and help them get back on their feet.


However, even with all these shelters in place, chronically homeless individuals are still found on the streets and find themselves separated from society. They are still found under bridges or in abandoned buildings. Many of the homeless shelters are operating at capacity, and are at times underfunded or have restrictions that the chronically homeless just simply are unable to abide by.

Our Goal Is to Set up Permanent Housing

Family shelters provide safety for families that become homeless

While we can’t solve homelessness on a national scale at first,we CAN locally provide clean

and safe shelters for chronically homeless individuals in all of our communities – we CAN provide our communities with chronically homeless shelters that open their doors to anyone, free of judgement.That is why our goal is to one day be able to provide permanent supportive housing for the chro
nically homeless — housing that accepts anyone who meet the criteria for being chronically homeless.