Help the Homeless

Ways You Can Help Unsheltered People

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This past winter in our area, Broome County, New York, we had homeless individuals living on the streets, under bridges and in abandoned buildings. These individuals are often chronically homeless and have fallen through the cracks of the New York State social service system because they could not meet the requirements. No matter why they are on the streets, they are cold, and they are in need of our compassion.


Donate or Volunteer to Help the Homeless

We are asking that you consider donating clothing to homeless shelters, women shelters, men shelters, and local clothing banks which are run by churches as well as other organizations. You may also donate clothing to emergency shelters for distribution.

  • We encourage you to go through your closets and donate anything you no longer wear.
  • Ask your family, friends and neighbors to donate their extra clothes too. Perhaps you know people who have clothes left over from a garage sale that you can ask to donate their items.
  • You could also tell your colleagues at work what you’re doing, and ask them to get involved with you.Please donate clothing and food to help homeless individuals
  • If you are able, you can also purchase warm socks, gloves, underwear and other personal care items for all ages. These items are often in high demand.

When donating, please give according to the season. Each season, spring, summer, fall, and winter has its own needs. You will be doing a great service, in aiding the cause of local homeless shelters.

Please keep in mind that the homeless benefit directly when you donate the clothes to organizations that will distribute them and not sell them. All donations are tax-deductible according to IRS regulations, so, many homeless charities offer tax-deductible receipts when you donate your clothing. If you live in the Broome County, New York area, please click on the link below to find a homeless shelter near you that may accept your donations.


Homeless Shelters near Me
If you’re a representative from a homeless shelter or a donation drop-off center that collects clothing donations, and you’d like to have your link here, please contact us and let us know. Your facility can be located anywhere within the United States to be listed here. Find a homeless shelter near you to drop off donations

Food banks are also very helpful to provide for the homeless in our communities. However, the chronically homeless generally will miss events where food is being distributed. Some reasons for this can be that they are unaware of the time and/or place of these events. They also tend to stay with whatever belongings they have, fearing if they leave them behind, someone will take them. When it is cold and they are in a shelter, they may be afraid to leave that shelter because they think someone else may take their place.

There are many opportunities to volunteer your time and talents to food banks as well as other organizations that assist the homeless. Many of these organizations assist in providing warm meals to the homeless as well as providing them with food they can take with them. These programs may need your assistance to get the much needed food to the chronically homeless in our communities. You can help chronically homeless people get food, by donating to organizations through one of the sites below. You may contact the organizations directly to offer your services, whether you’d like to donate food or to volunteer. Your assistance is greatly appreciated because every bit you do to help, makes a difference in the lives of those individuals without a place to call their home.

Feeding America

Food Pantries

Foodbanks of the Southern Tier

Ways You Can Help Homeless and At-Risk Pets

Homeless animals are taken to animal shelters daily due to a variety of reasons. For some, they may be taken there because they have been wandering the streets. Others are taken there because their owners can no longer care for them. You can support our efforts to help at-risk pets by donating to organizations through one of the sites below. Joining together for a common purpose nurtures greater strength. We are only as strong as we are united, and together we become each other’s greatness.


Give Back America

Rescue Bank

If you’re local, in the New York Southern Tier or its bordering areas in Northeastern Pennsylvania, and would like to adopt a pet, please visit the Shelter Pet Adoptions resource website. You can link to that site from our Contact Us page.