Help At-Risk Animals

You Can Help Abandoned and At-Risk Pets

Logo for homeless foundation with goal to help at-risk pets
It’s a common misperception that abandoned pets have been troublesome to their previous owners. Often times, there are other reasons why a pet may be abandoned. A family may need to move where pets aren’t allowed; a pet may be triggering allergies; an owner has died; a pet is not well-suited for children, or an unspayed pet has procreated. The reasons are endless. However, these really aren’t reasons – these are excuses. Part of our mission is to assist facilities that are currently helping at-risk, needy and homeless animals in our community and nationwide. Many of these homeless pets are in animal shelters waiting to be given a loving, forever home. Please visit the Shelter Pet Adoptions website, where you can find locations to adopt a cat or a dog. For your convenience, you can link to that site from our Contact Us page.



We’ll Assist Facilities to Care for Homeless Pets

  • Our first goal is to help educate the community about the importance of spaying and neutering. Additionally, we would like to also help to implement free or discounted spay-and-neutering services, as well as a service for much-needed routine veterinarian care. We also want to spread the word about adopting pets from shelters to give these animals a good home.
  • Our second goal is to help lift the burden of the daily costs associated with these facilities’ operations. These shelters that care for homeless and at-risk pets, need all the help they can get, as they work hard to alleviate animal homelessness.

Homeless pets that go to shelters need to be adopted